Sunday, May 29, 2011

Quick fix: Part 1

It has been quite a long time now. Today's lunch proved how experimentation is the best way to learn cooking. It being a very lazy Sunday, I wan't quite in the mood to cook. I had decided yesterday to pop into office and polish off lunch. But I had stayed up late, fighting with random people that it was almost 10 30 when I woke up.

I opened the fridge to find a bag of vegetables that I had casually tossed in yesterday disregarding the contents. It had potatoes, onions and some brinjal. I just wanted a quick lunch not involving too many vessels.

This is how you can make what I made

1)Chop a couple of onions
2) Put the pressure cooker on stove
3)Put little ghee and fry onions in that
4) Put rice and water in 1:2 ratio after the onion is fried. Usually half a cup rice is enough for one person
5)Cut one potato in small pieces and put them in
6)Add one spoon Garam Masala, salt
7)Add the ready made ginger-garlic paste you get in supermarkets, if available
8)Close the cooker and turn the stove off after 5 whistles

I was almost convinced that it would taste horrible. I opened the lid with lot of trepidation and found that it was slightly too spicy for my taste. I added a bit of ghee to this and mixed it well.

Ghee smothers the spiciness with its heady aroma. It adds that heaviness which no other substance in my kitchen would.

It was SO good. I put the remaining onions in some curd and made a raitha.

Easy lunch in 10 minutes.

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